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Monday, April 23, 2012

'Hookergate' Streses Sex Worker Plight

Secret Service Scandal Moves Advocates to Call for Legal US Prostitution
If prostitution hadn't been legal in Colombia, the United States would most likely be focusing on Brad and Angelina's wedding rather than the antics of President Obama's security detail.

Never mind the use of taxpayer dollars, the potential threat to national security, the embarrassment brought to the U.S. government. In one regard, at least, "Hookergate" was a good thing, at least to sex workers in the United States: It called attention to the plight of sex workers here, where prostitutions is illegal and practitioners have no rights.
"If it had happened here, the woman couldn't have gone to the police and said, 'These guys are trying to cheat me out of money.' Instead, she would have been hurt and cheated, and Mr. Agent Man would have gone home and patted himself on the back for having gotten one over on her," said Maggie McNeill, a former New Orleans call girl and the founder of The Honest Courtesan.  CONTINUE . . . . .

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